Monday, May 23, 2011

Wearing Berlin: Street Fashion in the Divided City

A city once divided, Berlin has emerged as a cultural hub for not only Germany, but for Europe in general. The historical past of the city lends itself well to a variety of artists, youth, and people. This diverse population that makes up the city has caused Berlin to emerge as an exciting and unique fashion hotspot.

Street fashion in Berlin has emerged as a fascinating and often elaborate form of expression. My research seeks to answer how street fashion depicts historical and political motivations, as well as how it aides in the formation of identity in a city where youth once stood divided by a wall. I also will seek to explore and explain assorted trends in fashion in Berlin. I hope to identify motivations for such trends, whether it is purely aesthetic or if it makes a broader statement. I think that clothes can be used to not only identify and separate the individual, but unite and connect a collective of wearers all participating in the same look or trend. Finally, since we will be in Berlin during Berlin Fashion week, I aspire to learn how the runway influences the everyday fashion.

My preliminary work before embarking to Berlin will be comprised of getting a strong grasp on Berlin trends and exploring various Berlin fashion blogs, as well as sorting out a plan for navigating Berlin’s fashion week. Once in Berlin, I would like to do observational work of the German youth, as well as perhaps conduct some interviews and post my own street fashion images. I theorize that my discovery will be fashion in Berlin, like many cities, is not purely for an outward aesthetic but acts as a buffer between a deeper historical and political past and the contemporary urban world.


1. Berliner chic : a locational history of Berlin fashion (2011)




5. Fashion in Berlin: The Place to be